Is this you?

🤔 Unsure where to start with music production?

🎧 Dreaming of becoming a top DJ-Producer?

🤷 Confused by YouTube or online classes?

🧐 Interested in learning the reasons behind production techniques, not just the methods?

🎶 Wanting to go beyond just using sample packs?

💸 Hoping to make extra money as a music producer?

🏆 Eager to fully understand music production to become the best?

🤝 Searching for a community of like-minded learners?

💰 Needing an affordable way to learn everything above?

👍 Looking for a reliable company that’s been helping people for over 17 years?

✅Look no further and scroll down to read more.

🚀 The Complete 14-Day Hardstyle/Rawstyle Producer Program.

Are you ready to embark on a journey that will transform you into a succesful Hardstyle/Rawstyle producer within just 14 days?

Welcome to the
Hardstyle/Rawstyle Producer Program – where I compressed (hehe) 17 years of expertise into a powerful, comprehensive program that is understandable for everyone.

I'm looking forward to welcome you on board to our own private Community!

- Neroz / Steven Tel

What you'll learn

✅ Learn all about Hardstyle/Rawstyle and it's subgenre's

✅ Master essential production techniques for making killer Hardstyle/Rawstyle tracks.

✅ Get creative with advanced sound design to craft your own signature Hardstyle/Rawstyle sounds.

✅ Study famous Hardstyle/Rawstyle tracks to grasp how they're put together and arranged.

✅ Create those powerful kicks that drive Hardstyle/Rawstyle music forward.

✅ Add in melodic screeches, energetic leads, and atmospheric effects to give your tracks that extra edge.

✅ Find your own style within the Hardstyle/Rawstyle scene and make it stand out.

✅ Produce Hardstyle/Rawstyle tracks that are pro-quality and ready to make waves in the industry.

✅ Understand the basics of creating all kinds of kicks, from regular to gated to reversed, and more!

✅ Decode YouTube tutorials and online classes to truly grasp the "why" behind the techniques, not just the "how". 🎓🔍

Our Students

Join the Neroz Production community and be part of something great! Share your journey with other students and learn from each other. You'll learn much faster with like-minded people:

🚀Collaborate on projects and share feedback to help each other grow.

🚀Participate in exclusive events and workshops led by industry experts.

🚀Access valuable resources and tools to enhance their skills in music production.

🚀Connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for music and creativity.

🚀Gain insider tips and tricks to succeed in the competitive music industry.

🚀Celebrate achievements and milestones together as a supportive community.

Our Students


  • On Expensive Music Schools: You'll learn everything you need to know through this Course.
  • On Expensive Vocalists: Find or create your own instead of hiring costly voc alists.
  • On Expensive Samplepacks: Create your own unique samples instead of purchasing pricey packs.
  • On Expensive Plugins: Start with the basics, master them, and then move on to third party plugins.
  • On Courses That Show You HOW Instead of WHY: This program teaches you WHY, not just step-by-step instructions.
  • On Expensive Consultants for Artist Strategy: Develop your artist strategy independently to cut costs.
  • On Buying Expensive Studio Equipment: Understand what gear is essential to avoid overspending.
  • On Overspending Marketing: Learn how to promote your music with minimal expenses.
  • On Expensive Promotion Channels: Promote your music on social media and other platforms with minimal expenses.

Artist Development Program (additional)

What happends after you managed Music Production? There's not a single guide online that will tell you that, but the Artist Development Plan covers everything✅.

This plan isn't just about techniques; it's about the lessons from experience. It's like having a mentor, guiding you through the tricks and tips that you won't find anywhere else on the internet. This isn't just a course; it's your guide to making it big in the world of Hardstyle/Rawstyle, made easy for you.

Artist Development Program
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We host weekly feedback streams, extra classes and most importantly, we learn and have fun!

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